Spooky Events

Don’t be spooked, live events with Duuzra

Written by Holly Latham – Project Manager.

The world of live events can often be a spooky one. They say not to work with children or animals, but when you’ve worked in this industry long enough, you start to think that the rule applies to events too. I think you’d be hard pushed to find a project manager who hasn’t played the role of the headless chicken on event day; adapting to last minute changes, running around looking for equipment, coaxing stage-frightened speakers into the auditorium. Events can be a scary place, so you need to make sure you’ve got the right people on your team. You need Duuzra.

Over the years we’ve heard some real horror stories from our clients about events that have gone wrong with other companies. Stories like iPads not getting delivered, flights being booked for the wrong dates and, on one occasion, an entire events team failed to show up to the meeting! Whilst these are not things we particularly like to hear, they do fill us with a smug sense of satisfaction because, at Duuzra, this simply does not happen.

At Duuzra we put care and attention into our live events to ensure that stories like the above do not happen on our watch. For example, we encourage constant training, knowledge sharing and employ a systematic operations process which ensures any problems are identified and resolved before your event day. We have a system of best practices which have become a biblical guide for all Duuzra project managers who ensure that every event, no matter how small, is treated with the same care and precision.

With project managers based around the globe in Europe, the US and APAC, we can ensure that someone is on hand to see to emergencies whatever time of day. As well as having an attentive and dedicated team, we take extra precautions to avoid common event catastrophes so that you don’t have to! Some if these include:

  • Sending out Statement of Work guides before every event to outline the timelines both Duuzra and our clients need to meet in order to achieve our goal
  • Ensuring every speaker gets a full technical rehearsal ahead of the event
  • Providing training and how to guides about our software so that clients and speakers can troubleshoot issues
  • Always ensuring that we have a backup stream running for online events as well as a team of client services personnel on hand to answer any audience technical questions through our live chat
  • When possible, arriving on site a day early to meet the team and set up any necessary equipment, and ensuring iPads are delivered at least one day before the event starts
  • Employing additional staff to review streams for quality control purposes
  • Regularly updating and testing our software to ensure our clients have the most up-to-date technology

But don’t take our word for it, just look at the stats! At Duuzra we are able to measure the success of our events by harvesting valuable data such as delegate feedback, detailed content views and audience engagement levels. From this information, we learn how to improve not only our software, but also our in-house practices which, in turn, gives our clients a better experience.

Surrounded by an amazing support team and a fool proof action plan, the project managers at Duuzra are more than equipped to take on the Gauls and Gremlins of the events industry.

So for your next live or online event, who you gonna call?

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