Bridging the gap between in-person and remote audiences

In-person events are changing, hybrid events reach a wider audience without sacrificing the quality of the experience for anyone, wherever they are.


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Combine data from your Events with Marketing and Sales to accelerate your returns


Increase attendance without sacrificing quality

Engage anywhere & remove travel concern

Interact with audiences across the globe without the need for them to leave their home or workplace

Enhanced Design Flexibility

Full customisation across mobile, tablet and desktop ensures your event looks great inperson and virtually

Targeted content for the right audience

Provide different content to different people in your audience and deliver precise and effective messaging

Reduce costs & lower carbon impact

A full digital experience that
removes the requirement for single use printed collateral

Extend your events with on demand

Make content available 24/7, enssuring attendees have maximum opportunity to view and input into your content

Improved return on investment

Review the data generated from in person and remote audiences to learn what was successful for next time


An all in one solution for any type of Hybrid event

We ensure that all members of your audience have the same experience, whether they are live in the room or watching virtually. This allows everyone to contribute and provide valuable insights; helping to determine the success of your projects through data

Working in partnership with your AV / Production crew or with our recommended partners

A full package solution for your hybrid and remote event needs.


Not all hybrid events are the same, our options cater for all requirements

A studio broadcast,  takes place in a dedicated studio setting where presenters, speakers, and performers gather to deliver their content, while also incorporating virtual attendees who participate remotely.

The studio serves as the central hub for the event, providing a controlled environment with professional lighting, sound equipment, and high-quality video production capabilities.

At a True Hybrid event, there is 1 face-to-face meeting with live in person speakers and an audience. This is broadcast to remote attendees.

We utilise our advanced technology and infrastructure to connect these two groups in real time, enabling them to interact, communicate, and collaborate as if they were all in the same physical space.

Hub and Spoke is our most diverse broadcast! It is designed to provide a central location (hub) where a portion of the attendees gather physically, while the rest of the participants join remotely from different locations (spokes).

The hub location is typically equipped with all the necessary facilities and technology to support the event, and the spoke locations are the remote sites where participants join the event virtually. These can be individual homes, offices, or satellite venues that are set up specifically for the event. 

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Clients from locations across the globe

Boost engagement across all types of events

  • Webinars
  • AGM's
  • Meetings
  • Symposia

A web-based seminar, is an interactive online event that allows individuals or organizations to deliver presentations, lectures, or workshops to a virtual audience.

It is a popular tool used for education, training, marketing, and knowledge sharing. Webinars enable participants from different locations to join a live session through their computers, laptops, or mobile devices.


Annual General Meetings (AGMs) are crucial events to engage shareholders, provide updates on the company's performance, and make important decisions. 

Virtual AGMs offer several benefits, including increased accessibility, cost savings, and improved efficiency.


Virtual meetings serve as platforms for collaboration, networking, knowledge sharing, and decision-making, just like traditional in-person meetings. 

Attendees can join meetings from the comfort of their homes or offices, eliminating the logistical challenges and expenses associated with physical travel. This opens up opportunities for global participation and fosters a more inclusive and diverse environment for discussions.


Bring together experts and researchers to explore a specific topic in depth with a virtual symposia.

Our technology supports interactive features such as live streaming, chat functionalities, and breakout rooms for smaller group discussions and our user interface and intuitive navigation are crucial to ensure attendees can easily access the sessions and engage with the content.

Turn hybrid events into a marketing opportunity

Every hybrid meeting is recorded and made available for you to share on demand. Extend the life of the event and let attendees live and virtual, continue to make connections and create a community. Continue to add new content throughout the year with the ability to share and generate new leads.

Use data to determine the success of your event

As well as high a level engagement summary, you will be provided a detailed report with overall and individual analytics, browsing analytics, questions, poll results, documents downloaded and more. If specific analysis is needed as part of the event, we are more than happy to arrange this.

Choose Hybrid for your next event and see the benefits for your teams