Better Data, Better Business Decisions

It’s time for businesses to rework their plans, create new strategies and prepare to implement digital change. It’s a time for teams to assess what has worked in their business over the past year, devise new strategies and to grow their influence in the market.

One key success driver is the utilisation of new data-driven technologies to accelerate sales & marketing returns and show a true commitment to digital transformation.

Investing in technology for data and analytics

Regardless of your company’s industry sector, the value of market lead data far outweighs the cost of digital commitment.   Adopting an open mind to interactive technology usually leads to greater use across multiple business lines and alignment worldwide to capture local market differences.

How does Duuzra collect this data and why is it so valuable?

Step One: Know, or find out, what data you’re looking to collect.
Step Two: Identify your target markets (existing or new) and what you are looking to learn about your clients, customers or audience.
Step Three:  Choose any number of interactive features to generate high-value insights.

On average, Duuzra’s corporate clients operate our system worldwide and generate extraordinary levels of usable data.  As a result, the vast majority re-align their strategy, sell more and subsequently provide enhanced client and customer service whilst embracing the digital age.

No data = limited returns and unhappy customers

No data or bad data makes it hard, and time-consuming, to make rational and effective decisions. Good data collection gives businesses the opportunity to make fact-based decisions.

“I never guess. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theorieis, instead of theories to suit facts.
– Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Author of Sherlock Holmes stories

Corporate data surveys reveal the following headline value of insight:

  • Faster (and well informed) response to opportunities and threats
  • Higher sales and marketing return
  • Increased cost savings without destroying company value
  • Improving efficiency
  • Enhanced knowledge sharing
  • Improving client and customer experience
  • Gaining competitive advantage

Data technology awareness and Duuzra

You may be wondering how to collect meaningful data.  There are a whole host of statistic consolidator and market research tools, however, the majority are not built to capture “live” opinion requiring manual input to strip out good data.

Duuzra has created an interactive platform to support corporate Marketing, Sales and Leadership functions to capture real-time opinions.

All data is good data from the Duuzra platform and it is the market leading Global product of choice in the Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Property, and other consumer-based industries.

Turn insights into action

The value of data can be instantly destroyed if it lies dormant, is misinterpreted or simply “grows a thick layer of dust” in the top draw of an office desk.

Adapting to data results and proactive follow up are essential to the success of any digital insight system. Duuzra promotes data use, and commercial gain, by supporting companies throughout their full sales and marketing process.

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