In our previous blog articles, we have shared insights into Duuzra’s variety of features and industry expertise, as well as how our software can benefit your organisation and help you get valuable information from your audience. In this article, we want to provide an overview of how our annual software licensing model can reduce the cost of implementing technology for your business. Our software is more affordable than you think.     

What is Duuzra?

Duuzra is an All in One Engagement Technology for Events, Meetings, Sales Enablement, Training and Content Sharing. Duuzra gives businesses the freedom to build an engaging & interactive content sharing concept, all which can be done under a White Labelled Application and HTML Site.  Our software gives you creative freedom with control, interaction, and data capture to deliver unprecedented insights for businesses. 

Single Ad-hoc license vs Annual License

Duuzra’s licensing options are designed to cater to our different clients’ needs and budgets. Clients who sign up for a Duuzra Annual License, have two licensing options to choose from: Ad-hoc or Annual License. 

Single Ad-hoc license (pay per use), clients pay for a single event cost and software is charged in accordance with the number of users expected. Additionally, our clients tend to add-on other services (e.g. design, project management) and hardware (e.g. iPads, network), Duuzra is a one-stop solution for all your team’s technical requirements and needs.

Why may the Single Ad-hoc license be beneficial for clients?

  1.  First-time clients who want to try Duuzra’s software; as well as the data and insight that our application provides before committing to an annual license.
  2. For clients who have one or two events in a year, the package can be customised accordingly to individual meeting requirements.

Annual SaaS license by Duuzra, is a more cost-efficient option if your business organises multiple meetings/events/training over the span of a year. The cost of software is reduced significantly.  

Which clients benefit from our Annual SaaS license?

  1. Clients with multiple events, meetings, sales and training uses, throughout your business, over a period of a year.
  2. Clients who would like to have a consolidated data analytics output from all your events (conference, meetings, sales pitches etc)
  3.  Agencies (e.g. events agency, med coms etc) — who are able to offer a reduced software cost and an additional discounted Duuzra services to their clients.

Benefits for subscribing to our annual SaaS license:

  1. Support — Every Duuzra license comes with a Dedicated Account Manager. We are also geographically distributed across the globe, with offices in all the regions (UK, US, EMEA, APAC). You can get help whenever and wherever you require.
  2. Reduced cost — With one fixed software cost for the year, the more use you have for our software across your entire organisation, the more value for money it will be.
  3. Scalability — Depending on the subscription and scale of business, Duuzra allows flexibility to modify our subscriptions as and when required — for example, when more users need to access the software; or when you expanded your business operations.
  4. Customisation – Ability to White Label the Application and HTML Site in accordance to your event, meeting and your business’s brand guidelines.

If you would like to have a chat with us on how you and your organisation could benefit from using Duuzra software, feel free to contact us here. We can arrange for a non-obligatory demo with you and your team before you make any decision.

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