Driving your Marketing Cycle, one event at a time

Written by Holly Latham – Project Manager.

In-person events are back and whilst it might take you a few warm-up events to get back into the swing of things, we’ve got your event software covered. The guy who coined the term “can’t teach an old dog new tricks” clearly never worked with Duuzra and certainly hasn’t seen our latest software update! Over the past two years, we’ve been perfecting our data and analytics software to be the omnipresent, omniscient sidekick that every event team needs – and we’ve proven to be a real tour de force at our recent in-person events.

The dust has now settled on our first busy event season of 2022 and as a project manager who spent two years leading webinars from the comfort (cough) of my spare bedroom it feels great to be back on the road and running round auditoriums with flight cases full of iPads! But whilst I’ve been enjoying the coffee stations and pastry stands, my clients have been reaping the rewards of Duuzra’s targeted data pools and analytical content that has allowed them to improve their marketing cycle and host enhanced in-person meetings that really connect with their audiences!


Our data shows that in-person audiences interact approximately 82% more than virtual audiences. Our data shows that they are 3 times more likely to ask questions and 20% more likely to take part in polls throughout presentations. This gives you prime opportunity to harvest data that can be used and fed back into your business to improve sales pitches and perfect marketing communications. We aim to help our clients reach their marcomms goals by providing detailed analytics reports that show; delegate interaction with specific pieces of content, audience engagement during polls, quizzes and Q&A discussions, delegate commentary on forums and feedback surveys and user journey and browsing analytics. This data, which is recorded continually throughout your event and presented in a clear, easy to digest report, is designed to help our clients deliver content specific, post event communications, consumer targeted sales pitches and be equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to deliver strategic and resourceful events in the future.

In the Pharmaceutical industry, Duuzra can provide insightful data on product knowledge, which can inform product training either at in person events or via an on-demand content hub. Our flexible software, allows you to organised your audience into groups, push specific content and garner feedback that is valuable to your products’ success rate. In the finance industry, interaction such as Q&A and chat forums allows presenters to address the burning questions that investors are asking directly, giving you the opportunity to respond to investor directly and providing a list of talking points which can be used to inform the topic of your next event.

This means that your data is not only continuous in its ability to facilitate and streamline your marketing cycle, but it’s also limitless in its ability to help you grow and learn more about your target audiences. Altogether, this leads to a cycle of development and success which ensures that your in-person event smashes it’s goals every time.

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