We are proud of our software, and we hope you will be too

From events and virtual meetings to sales pitches and Training, Duuzra lets you quickly and easily build engaging, interactive apps for a host of uses.

Easy to build

Our content sharing and engagement technology delivers valuable data for Live & Virtual Events, Sales Meetings, Training and Marketing Distribution. Watch our short video to see how Duuzra can help you.

Always on brand

We simply build all of your content into Duuzra’s Easy to Use Content Management System and create interactive elements around your materials to produce endless analytics.  With Duuzra’s complete design freedom you are always on brand.

Powerful analytics

By combining detailed browsing analytics with data from interactive features, our clients are gaining a deep understanding of their audiences.

Valuable Data Reports can be created in real-time showing how content is being used. This business intelligence helps to:

  • Market more accurately
  • Sell and prospect more effectively
  • Train more efficiently.